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Jun, 11

Thanks Troop 2903

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to have Brownie Troop 2903 stop by and make a couple of treats with me.  We started the morning making quiches in which each girl was able to choose her own filling.  And while those were cooking, we quickly made chocolate chip cookies.  I don’t know what was more exciting to them, adding ingredients or scooping the dough out onto the trays with hopes of sneaking a nibble of the dough.  While the cookies were baking, I took them on a little tour of our bakery where they could see our walk in freezers and refrigerators (probably an exciting part of their visit).  Once the cookies were out of the oven and had time to cool, we squirted chocolate buttercream frosting on the cookies and did what any self respecting baker does; taste the final product.     Before they left, I packaged up their quiches for them, and added a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with chocolate buttercream frosting for them to take home and enjoy along with the recipes.  I hope that they had as much fun as I did, and I hope that I may be able to do it again.  Thank you girls for an enjoyable morning, and I hope to see you soon.


Jun, 11

What Are The Sweetery’s Wine Sticks?

Now that the word is out about our Wine Sticks, I guess it is time for us to let everyone know exactly what they are.  The Sweetery’s Wine Sticks are a new snack created to compliment  your glass of wine as well as to be complimented.  They are made from a pound cake recipe and then, through several steps, transformed into a crunchy treat.  They are more exciting to have around than just a cracker, and they come in several flavors; Apple, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Espresso.  The Apple Wine Sticks pare nicely with White Wines, bringing out the fruitiness of each sip.  We like to spread our Pimiento Cheese on these Wine Sticks and top it with a poached apple slice.  The Chocolate Wine Sticks match perfectly with Red Wines, allowing you to taste the subtle spices.  They stand well alone or accompanied with fruits and cheeses.  And finally, the Cinnamon Espresso Wine Sticks go right along with any beverage of your choice.  Similar to biscotti, the Cinnamon Espresso Wine Sticks can be shared over coffee or tea as well as a nice Dessert Wine.  Now that we have your palates’ attention, we hope that you stop in and pick some up or let us ship a box to wherever you may live.  Thanks again, and Enjoy!

Ryan J.

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