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Jul, 19

Taste Test Tuesday

Good morning and happy Taste Test Tuesday!  Today we have a NEW cake for you to come in and sample.  We’ve taken two of our most popular cakes and combined them to make a mega-colossal-stupendously-delicious dessert for you to enjoy.  Today.  We give to you our STRAWBERRY UGLY CAKE!  That’s right.  We’ve combined our Strawberry Cake and our Ugly Cake and sprinkled in a little White Chocolate to make the “power couple” of cakes.  Stop in for lunch today and give us your honest opinion.  Do we keep it, or do we leave our two best sellers alone to shine on their own.  Have a great day, and we’ll see you for lunch!

Strawberry Ugly Cake

Jul, 19

Lunch Specials

Howdy!  We have two delicious lunch specials this week that will keep you cool in this hot hot heat!  Our first special is a Peachy BLT; nothing too fancy here, just a basic BLT with some Fresh local Peaches.   Our second special is a Chipotle Chicken and Avocado Sandwich; a Sweet and Spicy BBQ glazed Chicken Breast placed on a Toasted Onion Roll with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocados, melted Monterey Jack Cheese, and finished with a homemade Chipotle Seasoned Mayo.  Have a great week, and we’ll see you for lunch!

Peachy BLT
Chipotle Chicken and Avocado Sandwich (2)
Jul, 19

Lunch Specials

Good morning to everyone! We have two more lunch specials for you, so let’s get to them. Our first lunch special is a Miami Breeze Sandwich; Applewood Smoked Bacon placed on a toasted Onion Roll with homemade Black Bean Salad, Roasted Red Peppers, Crumbled Queso Cheese, and finished with a Sweetery seasoned mayo.  Our second special is a Thai Chicken Salad Wrap with Blueberries:  grilled chicken breast tucked inside a Flour Tortilla with fresh Lettuce, Carrots, Red Cabbage, fresh Edamame and Blueberries with a delicious Peanut dressing. Have a great week, and we’ll see you for lunch! 

Miami Breeze

Thai Chicken Salad Wrap

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