The Sweetery

Nov, 16

Lunch Specials

Good morning! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. We have two new lunch specials this week, so let’s tell you about them. Our first special is a Teriyaki Beef Wrap; slow cooked Roast Beef soaked in a delicious Sesame Teriyaki Marinade and placed in a Flour Tortilla with fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bean Sprouts, and Havarti Cheese. This scrumptious wrap is served with a side of our homemade Teriyaki Honey Mustard Dressing!  Our second special is a Grilled Chicken Muffuletta; a warm Grilled Chicken Breast topped with Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, and homemade Olive Spread placed on a toasted Onion Roll with just enough Herb Mayo to bring it all together.

Teriyaki Beef Wrap

Grilled Chicken Muffuletta

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