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Wine Sticks Assorted – 6 Boxes (3 oz ea)

Price: $48.00

Wine Sticks Assorted – 6 Boxes (3 oz ea)

Price: $48.00

Please specify which 6 boxes of Wine Sticks you would like in the notes section at checkout.

Exclusively from The Sweetery, Wine Sticks and Beer Buddies are delectable treats crafted to pair perfectly with an assortment of wines, beer and other beverages. What biscotti is to coffee, Wine Sticks are to wine. Each flavor is designed to pair with specific wine selections, for example, the Chocolate Wine Sticks go nicely with a Shiraz, while their Apple Wine Sticks go perfectly with Riesling. Not only do Wine Sticks and Beer Buddies enhance flavor notes, but are also great with artisan cheese, spreads, coffee, tea, or as stand-alone treats.

Weight:   3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in

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